7 Common Water Heater Problems and How to Fix Them

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7 Common Water Heater Problems and How to Fix Them

Hot water unit repairs and installations are a crucial way to maintain your home before winter. After all, what would winter be like with cold showers? Plumbing is no exception to the rule that anything operated over a long period will break down or wear out; hot water units are no exception. 

Here are the seven most common problems that come with water heaters:

1. Clogged Air Vent

The air vent is located on the top of the hot water unit, and it is a hole that lets air into and out of the unit. If it is clogged and not providing the right amount of air, your water heater will not ignite gas properly and will break down sooner than it should. You will want to remove the vent and clean it out to deal with this.

2. Blockage in the Drain Line

The drain line is a line that runs from the bottom of the water heater to the main drain in the house. You might have a clogged line if the toilet won’t flush or a leak under the house. The pipe might also be clogged if there are problems with the water heater. Either way, a blocked drain line will cause the water heater to overheat and possibly burst.

3. Lack of Insulation

Insulation is needed for water heaters to prevent the water from freezing in the tank. If the water freezes, it can rupture lines and cause a leak. If you find that your water heater is not insulated, you can cover it with an insulating blanket. As an added precaution, you can also add anti-freeze to the water.

4. Rusting of the Tank

Rusty tanks are a common problem among the age and integrity of the water heater. If the unit is of low quality, the rusting may start even before the warranty period expires. The best way to deal with tank rusting is to replace the unit.

5. Clogged or Broken Drain Line

If the drain line is clogged, the unit will not drain all of the water out of the unit. It might also be broken if you find that the water is leaking out of the bottom of the tank. A clogged drain will cause the water to overheat and may cause the unit to break down. A broken drain line will also break down the unit. If the line is broken, you will have to replace it entirely.

6. Broken Thermostat

If the thermostat is broken, the water will not maintain its temperature. It may also not be able to work efficiently if it is broken. This will cause your water to cool down and become too hot. You will have to replace the thermostat to get the unit working again.

7. Poor Water Quality

If you have soft or acidic water, it can be harmful to the inside of your water tank. If you have hard or alkaline water, it can corrode the unit. Soft water is usually caused by over-use of soap, so to avoid it, use less soap. If you have hard water, you can get a water softener.


A water heater should be kept clean and well maintained to ensure that it works correctly and does not break down during the winter. Our plumbers in Sydney will be able to help you with replacements, regular checks and upgrades on your hot water unit. 

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