Useful Tips to Help Homeowners Unclog a Drain Correctly

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Useful Tips to Help Homeowners Unclog a Drain Correctly

Homeowners who love to make their house a better place to live in often focus on cleaning it regularly, accomplishing chores, and ensuring everything is working well. Your plumbing system is an essential part of your property because for your kitchen, bathroom, and drains to run well, you must ensure there are no issues present.

If your drains become blocked, it can be a challenging obstacle to fix, especially when the timing is bad and you require a perfectly working plumbing system. The issue could lead to worse situations, such as being unable to utilise your bathroom and kitchen appliances temporarily until you unclog your drains.

Fortunately, even when you do not have expert knowledge about handling your plumbing system, you can oversee the matter and execute methods to try and unblock your drains. However, if your situation worsens, you will require a professional plumber’s help. Keep reading below to find out ways to unblock a drain and fix your plumbing problems.

You Could Use a Plunger

All homes should always have a plunger so that you can prepare yourself for any unexpected blocked drain incidents, including clogged toilets. It’s a traditional household tool that almost anyone can learn how to use.

What you need to do is first to remove the cover of your drain, whether it’s a sink strainer, grate, or stopper. Then put a tiny amount of water into the sink, grab your plunger and apply it up and down for about thirty seconds until the drain finally unclogs. 

You Could Pour Hot Water

If using a plunger works, you could improve your method by pouring hot water into the drain to eliminate any potential traces of particles causing the blockage in your pipes. However, make sure the water you use isn’t boiling and is suitable for flushing any residue.

You could also add a teaspoon of dishwashing powder and sprinkle it down your drain before pouring the hot water for better results. You are free to repeat the unclogging method a couple more times to ensure your drain becomes as clear and as free from clogging as possible.

You Could Make a Drain Cleaner

Another way to prevent a blocked drain is to create your version of a drain cleaner using baking soda and vinegar. When you combine the ingredients with hot water, it produces a bubbling formula that helps loosen the buildup in your drain by breaking the particles apart.

The steps you will need to take include pouring hot water down the drain, sprinkling half a cup of baking soda, waiting for a few minutes before throwing in a whole cup of vinegar, and adding another cup of hot water. Afterwards, position the plug into the stopper and keep it there for several minutes before pouring another litre of hot water into the drain to take care of any remaining buildup.

You Could Use a Drain Snake

If any of the previous solutions still leave you with a clogged drain, you could move on to more complex unblocking techniques that include using a drain snake or auger. The tool is a flexible and long metal cable with an uncoiled spring that you insert into a pipe to unclog it.

However, you must be careful when utilising a drain snake because it could damage your pipes if you don’t correctly use it. For best results, you could hire a plumber to perform a drain inspection and be the one to operate the drain snake for you when necessary.


Unclogging a drain is always difficult, often causing hassle to homeowners who just want to live comfortably and go about their day without any problems involving their plumbing system. Luckily, there are plumbers you can hire to arrive at your doorstep immediately and rescue you from your worries that not only concern your drain but other plumbing issues as well. If using a plunger, pouring hot water, making a drain cleaner, and utilising a drain snake don’t work, you can leave it to a plumber to think of other solutions to address your clogged drain.

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