Have you heard a hiss of water inside your toilet cistern or the buttons on your toilet get jammed. Maybe the toilet is constantly running inside your toilet bowl .

These are all signs your toilet has some problems going on with the inlet valve or the outlet valve and is due for a service.

Once we have determined what the cause of the problem is, we can give you an upfront price to fix this issue.

Some toilets are known as in wall cisterns, which mean your toilet cistern is inside the wall. These parts sometimes need to be ordered in as suppliers don’t stock all their parts. However we will be able to determine this quickly.

If your toilet is a standard cistern we would definitely have these parts on hand to fix this issue on the spot.

Once the correct parts have been replaced we will thoroughly test the toilet to make sure we have rectified the issue.

Why would you choose us compared to the next company?

If you have numerous toilets in your home and one starts leaking we would recommend doing a thorough inspection of all toilets whilst we are there, as sometimes the toilets are installed at the same date / year, this would prevent your other toilets failing and requiring servicing in the near future which would require another site visit costing you more money down the road, so it makes sense for us to do a thorough inspection of your other toilets while on site. We also provide our clients with a lifetime labour warranty which provides peace of mind when using our services.