What Causes Toilet Clogs and How Can You Prevent Them?

Causes Toilet Clogs

What Causes Toilet Clogs and How Can You Prevent Them?

Clogged toilets are gross. Nobody wants a toilet full to the brim with waste that you’re unable to flush the way you think it should’ve gone down and out of sight. If you don’t know the reason for a clogged toilet or how to avoid this problem, continue reading for specifics about this issue and how to prevent it.

1. Old Toilet

Do you know how old your toilet is? If it’s older than 15 years, or it isn’t made of vitreous, any mineral or liquid deposits could block the valve that releases the water so it will drain properly. 

2. Leaking Sanitary Tubes

Your toilet is clogged by a leaky bathroom sanitary tube. You cannot see the leak, so it will clog your toilet. When this happens, you will also notice a strong odour. Some may notice the bottom of their toilet bowl wet as well.

3. Clogging Diversion

This is the most common toilet clog, and it’s caused by the way the toilet is being used. When flushing, most of the water enters the bowl, stays there a few seconds and is released through the toilet. Then, the rest of the water flows into the overflow tube and down the drain. If you are used to flushing the toilet the old-fashioned way, this is how the clog occurs.

4. Flushing Baby Wipes

Toilet paper doesn’t clog toilets, but baby wipes do. It’s best to avoid using baby wipes altogether in your toilet and use them like they where intended to be used, on baby bottoms.  This is because the wipes will soon turn into a gelatinous solid in the bottom of the bowl that will clog your toilet.

How to Prevent Clogged Toilets

Here are some things you can do to prevent clogged toilets:

1. Clean Out the Bowl

Use a toilet auger to clean the toilet bowl after each use. This will prevent clogs in the future.

2. Use a Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Consider using a toilet bowl cleaner after every other use. The cleaner will keep the toilet clean and smelling good. By keeping the bowl clean, you can reduce the chances of a clog.

What To Do if You Clogged the Toilet

If you have a clogged toilet, you’ll need to take action to resolve the problem. You can do this if you follow the steps below to unclog the toilet.

Step One: Try to Flush the Toilet

Try flushing the toilet a few times before attempting to unclog it manually. If you hear water rushing into the bowl, it means that the clog is gone. If a clog is in your toilet, the flushing action will only make it worse.

Step Two: Flush the Toilet with a Plunger

If you can’t clear the toilet with the flushing action, you will need to reach for the toilet plunger. 

Step Three: Call a Professional

If none of these steps works, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Call a reliable plumber that can get rid of the clog!

Clogged No More!

Nobody likes to deal with a clogged toilet. It’s a hassle and can cost you valuable time when there are other more fun things you should be doing. Do your part to prevent future clogs by educating yourself on what causes them and how you can stop it from happening.

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