Preparing for Spring: 3 Things to Check for Your Plumbing

Things to Check for Your Plumbing

Preparing for Spring: 3 Things to Check for Your Plumbing

Spring is an excellent time to enjoy the warm yet cooling weather, especially for backyard gatherings. Since the temperature conditions are just right, anything you do outdoors will practically be accompanied by fair weather and cool winds. While it’s a great opportunity to get out and have fun, it’s also an optimal time to get your home in order.

As the temperature warms up, many homeowners take this chance to check their home’s utilities for wear and tear. This is why it’s an excellent time to assess your property and treat potential damage to its different plumbing fixtures.

Reviewing Your Plumbing Checklist

Plumbing problems can be difficult to inspect during other seasons, primarily since temperature and weather conditions can distort and compromise your different pipelines. Additionally, damage to your plumbing systems isn’t always that obvious during other seasons. Thankfully, spring gives you that much-needed window of opportunity to inspect your home’s important utilities with ease.

In this article, we’ll share three things to check for your home’s plumbing.

1. Signs of Leaks

Leaks along your pipelines can come from various sources. Although it’s more common for blockages to cause these plumbing issues, temperature changes can also be at fault. This is because cool temperatures can warp or contract your pipes over time, making them loose between connections. For this reason, you should inspect the integrity of your pipes and test if water escapes from different fixtures.

2. Hot Water System Malfunctions

Hot water systems typically work overtime during winter, which is why they may have malfunctions later in the year. For this reason, you should test your hot water system for different signs of damage. Besides potential leaks from pipes, you should also inspect inside the tank for potential residue from hard water. These leftover solvents can compromise the heating process and force your hot water system to work harder to heat up water.

Another issue you should check is rusting on your hot water system’s different parts. If you notice signs of corrosion, there’s a risk for its components to become loose or difficult to operate. Ask your plumber for a professional opinion if it’s better to get repairs or purchase replacements.

3. Gutters and Drains

Your gutters are tied closely to your home’s roofing systems. Since both receive constant damage from environmental variables, they must be built with solid and durable material. However, the buildup of wear and tear can be too much for your gutters to bear. Bits of debris from trees, dust, broken roof shingles, and other materials can cause blockages on your gutters and lead to different deformations.

Blockages can prevent water from properly flowing down the drain. This leads to a buildup of still water, which can invite mold growth and compromise your gutter’s durability. Over time, your gutters can break down or appear bloated from the weight it carries. For this reason, it’s vital to clear your gutters and inspect any blockages in and around your drain pipes.


When people think of summer, they rarely connect it with chores and spring cleaning. However, it’s a necessary task everyone should do to avoid any plumbing complications during more harsh seasons. Thankfully, you don’t have to perform more extensive repairs and treatments to your home’s plumbing damage yourself. Instead, you can hire professional plumbers to handle your home’s plumbing issues with ease.

At Plumd in Plumbing, we understand that our clients need a professional service to inspect and treat their home’s plumbing concerns. We’re experienced in handling different properties in The Northern Beaches, and nearby areas. If you’re looking for a Fairlight-based plumber to give your home’s plumbing a look, contact us today at 0426 483 191.

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