How to Make Your Tap Water Stop Smelling Like Rotten Eggs

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How to Make Your Tap Water Stop Smelling Like Rotten Eggs

Sometimes, tap water ends up producing an unpleasant odour that can be likened to the smell of rotting eggs. When this is the case, it’s a sign of problems in your wastewater system.

Usually, you can attribute it to a chemical reaction, groundwater seeping through, or bacteria. Whatever the cause is, though, there are a few things you can do to remedy this problem.

Try Chlorination Treatment

One way to treat the foul odour is by raising the chlorine levels in the water. This may seem counterintuitive because it is a chemical that you are not supposed to ingest or have extended contact with, but it can definitely get rid of the odour for at least a few months.

The chlorination treatment route is good if you just need a quick fix to get rid of the smell, but you’ll still want to pinpoint what is causing it in your water supply. It’s also crucial that you use a concentrated treatment in limited supply and that you do not use your water for 24 hours after the treatment. Just keep it running to let the odour get dispelled.

Flush Out Your Tank

Another way to get rid of the odour is by flushing out the tank. Ultimately, this should be your first course of action in dealing with the issue if it turns out the heater is causing problems.

If you don’t flush your tank at least twice a year, it can get a build-up of bacteria and sediment that causes the smell. Aside from getting rid of the odour, doing this should also make the heater run better.

Replace the Anode Rod

If you have already flushed your tank, but the odour persists, it’s time to replace the anode rod. The anode rod is what removes the bad taste and odour from the water and is a porous, coated rod that gets installed into the tank.

Sometimes, its reaction to the heat ends up causing bacterial growth that causes the smell. However, without a rod, you’ll have problems with rust. In this case, you may need a plumber to come in and replace the rod with a newer one made of long-lasting and sediment-resistant material.

Replace Your Water Heater

If you have exhausted your repair options and the smell is really due to a malfunctioning water heater, it may be time to replace it with a new model. You can either get a more contemporary tank if you are replacing an old one or get a plumber to install a tankless system into your home.

Ideally, you should get one that can remove the smell without chemical additions and can prevent other problems that cause unwanted odours to surface.

Soften the Water

In some cases, it is the water itself that is producing the smell. If the source of your water supply is affected, you may want to consider the option of getting a water softener. This will help eliminate the minerals and sediments in the water and make it smell better.

Removing impurities will also have the added benefit of causing less irritation.


When the water in your home starts emitting a foul odour, it’s time to get a visit from your plumber. There’s no reason you have to live with a rotten egg smell in your system. Plus, you’ll figure out if there are any problems with your plumbing.

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