Possible Reasons Why You Currently Have a Running Toilet


Possible Reasons Why You Currently Have a Running Toilet

Sanitation always goes hand in hand with hygiene. If you cannot guarantee the former, you wouldn’t be able to get the latter. While there are indeed many ways to achieve proper hygiene, there isn’t much that can be said if you do not improve your sanitation conditions.

That being said, our bathroom would have to be one of the most vital parts of our home. Without it, we would have no place to shower in, and neither do we have any spot where we may contemplate and focus on our cleanliness and grooming.

The thing is, all aspects of our bathroom must be well-maintained; otherwise, they may not function the way that they are used to, thus, affecting our hygienic activities. One thing that we have to consider is our running toilet.

Besides the fact that it may end up costing us on our utility bills, it may also damage our piping system as a whole. In such a case, you must know the possible causes of your running toilet before the damage gets bigger. Below are just a few examples.

1. The Toilet Handle Is Broken

Since we frequently use our toilet handles when we need to flush them, it is only natural that we make it our priority to ensure they are functioning properly. If they are not, our toilet may not flush properly. In such a case, the next time you use your toilet, you will see that the water level starts rising.

There is also the chance that your handle is broken. You can easily replace it with a new one.

2. The Flapper Is Damaged

If your flush handle is working correctly, it may still be the flapper causing the issue. The flapper is responsible for maintaining the water levels in our toilet. It is a mechanism that is placed at the bottom of your toilet bowl.

If it is damaged, it will not be able to perform its function well. It will keep the water from going down easily. So, the next time you flush your toilet, you will see that the water level starts rising.

3. The Float Ball Is Blocked

When you flush your toilet, first, the water flows into the tank, and then, it will start to pour down. The water will get to the bottom of your toilet bowl, and then it will rise. This is all due to the float ball.

If it is blocked, it will not allow the water to drop. So, the next time you flush your toilet, the water will still be in your toilet bowl.

4. The Water Pressure Is Low

Sometimes, we are not able to flush our toilet. This is because the water pressure is low. This can be due to the fact that our toilet may be located on a higher floor than the tank of our water system.

As such, the water may not get out, so it will just stay in the toilet bowl.

5. The Water Level Line Is Broken or Missing

Our toilet bowl must have been designed with a water level line. This is a line with which we check the water level of our flushing toilet. If this line is broken or missing, it will make it hard for us to determine how much water is needed to flush our toilet. Therefore, we may add too much water into it.


Flushing our toilet is a daily activity for most, if not all, of us. For that reason, knowing the possible causes of a running toilet would help us save money and maintain our sanitation and hygiene. They are just minor problems that we have to deal with. As long as we know what is causing them, we will easily be able to correct them.

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