The Possible Reasons Behind Leaky Faucets on Your Property

Leaky Faucets

The Possible Reasons Behind Leaky Faucets on Your Property

When water is left to leak from a tap, it will damage not only your home, but also the environment. A small drip from your tap each day may accumulate to thousands of litres of water over time. Here are the reasons your tap is leaking.

A Damaged Washer

A worn or damaged washer isn’t able to do its job effectively, causing a leak. This can be easily repaired by replacing the washer.

Bad Seal

If your taps and faucets have a smooth surface that can be easily worn out over time, then you may need to replace the seals.

Worn Out Faucet

Spouts can become worn out after many years of regular use. If you have experienced a leak, you should consider replacing the faucet instead of repairing it.


O-rings are rubber gaskets that provide a watertight seal to prevent leaks. To avoid a leak, it is necessary to keep them clean and free of contaminants. Dirty O-rings are also known to cause leaks. If you don’t clean your faucets or pipes regularly, they can become dirty and corroded, which can lead to a leak.


Cartridges are the core of faucets. If the seal is worn out, water will slowly leak out. This can cause the cartridge to fail.

Valve Seat

Valve seats are created to control the flow of water through the faucet. If the valve seats are worn out, water will leak through them.

Bad Parts

When you install new parts in your home, ensure that they are in good shape and last you long.

Improper Plumbing

When the plumbing is not properly done, it can lead to leaks. When you do plumbing, ensure that you are well prepared and have the proper tools, materials and knowledge.

Excessive Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure can result from incorrect installation or an improperly fitted faucet. It can also cause leaks in your faucets.

Pipe Issues

Pipes can wear out after many years of use. If your pipes have become corroded and rusty, they can also be a reason for leaks. Not only can this cause leaks, but it can also lead to clogs. This is why you should check them regularly for any signs of damage.

The components of a faucet can all wear out eventually, and this is a common cause of leaks. If you find that your faucets are often leaking, you may be experiencing problems with the parts. However, this problem can be solved quickly with a replacement.

Quick Fix for a Leaky Tap

If you have a leaky tap, you should first turn off the water supply. This will prevent further damage, as well as prevent water damage to your home.

You should also check to ensure the leak causes no further damage. Make sure you open up cabinets and drawers and check if water is leaking.

You can try a quick fix for a leaky tap without calling a plumber. You can try to resolve the issue by replacing the washer. This is an easy job that can be done in minutes.

Fix Those Leaky Taps!

A leaky tap can be frustrating, especially since you are paying for the water you are wasting. It is necessary to take note of your water usage and find the source of the leak. Once you have identified the leak, call a plumber to have your taps repaired.

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