5 Different Plumbing Repairs That You Shouldn’t DIY

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5 Different Plumbing Repairs That You Shouldn’t DIY

With the power of the internet, you can almost see all things that you can DIY. However, there are things that you should leave to the professionals, such as plumbing. That’s because they are trained and more experienced in resolving such issues. These include: 

1. Waste Discharge Pipe

Only a trained professional should work on the waste discharge pipe. If you have a blockage in there, then you can clog the pipe which will cause a lot of havoc in your house.

2. Broken Water Heater

If you have a broken water heater, then it is better left to the experts. If you are not careful, you can cause water damage to the rest of your house. A broken tank will lose all its water, which will run through the rest of your house, causing immense damage. Also, be careful about removing the anode rod as it will release a lot of pressure and result in water damage.

Water heater repair is a tricky job. The water heater parts will also be connected to pipes that will need to be carefully fixed. If you do not have the necessary knowledge to do the job, then you should get professionals to do it.

3. Gas Leak

Gas leaks can cause accidents and severe damage to your property or even your life. It is a tricky job that needs precise measurement and gas detection. At times, you cannot even smell a gas leak. 

If you install a gas pipe the wrong way, then you can cause a gas leak. If you are not sure about it, then you should not try to fix it, especially if you have pets or kids who can come in contact with the gas.

4. Water Supply Pipe

Another plumbing issue that you can’t DIY is fixing a broken water supply pipe. At times, water supply pipes will have a leak and you may want to fix it yourself. But, that would be a bad idea as you can poke a hole in the pipe and it could cause further damage. A professional plumber also has the right tools to fix a water supply pipe. 

5. Clogged Sewer Line

While you can easily clear your toilet with some chemicals, it is not the same with a clogged sewer line. You should not try to clear the sewer line and DIY. Call a plumber immediately to get the job done.

Fixing a sewer line is a little complicated. If you have broken the line, you will have to dig the lineup and fix it, which is a difficult task for most people.


DIY might seem like a good idea when you see all the tutorials on the internet. But, some tasks can only be done by plumbers. While you can fix parts of a plumbing system, many times you will have to call a plumber for complete repairs. A plumber will be able to assess your pipes and give a better judgment on how to fix the problems.

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