6 Instances Where You’ll Need a Plumber to Fix Your Toilet

Plumber to Fix Your Toilet

6 Instances Where You’ll Need a Plumber to Fix Your Toilet

Having your own home is one of the easiest ways to tell that a person is financially secure. However, owning a house is also a responsibility because, for most people, it’s the most expensive investment they could ever make in their lifetime. This means that any problems should be fixed as soon as possible, such as toilet plumbing issues.

Many people in homes use the toilet, and sometimes, damaged parts should be replaced with new ones. This should be done especially if the part is already showing evident signs of damage. If not, it could lead to more significant problems, and you’ll need to hire a plumber to fix the problem. Regardless, one must be aware of the different scenarios when they need to call a professional to fix their toilet. These include:

#1 – Water Is Constantly Running

One of the most common plumbing problems in a toilet is constant running water. This means that the water continuously runs even if the toilet has been flushed. This could be caused by several things, like a clogged pipe or a toilet breaking down. It could also be the knob on the inside of the toilet tank that needs to be adjusted.

#2 – There’s Water near the Toilet’s Base

Another common problem with a toilet is water, or in some instances, water running near or underneath the toilet. This usually means that water leaks from the toilet because of cracks or damage.

In some cases, the leak could be caused by cracks in the individual parts, such as the tank. It’s also possible that the flapper is being pulled up in the toilet. The plumber can easily fix them for you and will be able to advise you on how to fix these problems properly.

#3 – The Water Tank Fills up Slowly

The water tank is one of the parts of a toilet that might need replacements when there are damages. When the water tank is slow to fill up, there’s a problem with the tank or the water supply lines.

The water tank is one toilet part that is pretty expensive to replace. However, you should know that it’s always better to call a plumber because their experience will find the best solution for the problem.

#4 – The Toilet Overflows

This is usually a problem when you’re taking too long to flush the toilet. The water pressure inside the tank grows until it starts to overflow. When you notice that the water tank is overflowing, you should know that the water tank needs to be replaced.

You should also check the water supply lines and the fill valve for any damages. Even if you replace the tank, the problem may still occur if the toilet has bigger issues. A professional plumber best addresses plumbing problems.

#5 – There’s a Clog

Clogs are some of the most common plumbing problems found in toilets. This could be caused by various things, like toilet paper or even small toys stuck down the drain.

When a plumber comes to your home, the first thing that they’ll do is look for the source of the clog. This could be inside the toilet bowl or the toilet tank. If it is inside of the tank, then they’ll check if it’s the water level or if there’s damage on the tank itself. If it’s inside the toilet bowl, they’ll have to use their equipment to remove the obstruction.

#6 – You Hear Weird Sounds

When you use the toilet and hear weird sounds, there’s a problem with the toilet. This could be caused by some parts hitting each other, like the tank or the bowl.

The weird noises could also come from the flapper inside the toilet tank. It could be stuck, or there could be issues with the water supply line. The plumber will find the cause of the problem and fix it by replacing the part causing the problem.


If you’re encountering some of these problems, it’s best to hire a plumber to look into them. Having a plumber around will always make you feel more secure about your plumbing problems. Professionals can help you diagnose the problem and will give you an estimate of the costs of fixing the toilet, so you should give them a call.

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