Hot Water Systems

Have you noticed your hot water heater is not as hot as it used to be or are your showers running cold? Maybe you have noticed a rusty brown tinge to the colour of water.

These are all signs your hot water heater needs urgent replacing or servicing.

The signs that will tell us if your hot water heater needs replacing

  • If your hot water heater is leaking around the base of it
  • The water is a brown rusty colour
  • The heater is 10 years or older
  • It is lacking pressure or has no pressure
  • When you turn a hot tap on and the heater cuts our after a few seconds
  • Intermittent hot water

We will determine all of this by a site inspection.

Plumd in Plumbing technician would then determine by speaking with the home owner on their options of what would need to be done to either service, replace, or upgrade to a different type of hot water heater.

There are a few different types of hot water heaters such as Gas, Electric, Solar.


  • A four person household commonly needs a 160L storage gas hot water tank
  • There is an option of an instantaneous hot water system which is a smaller compact system bolted to the side of home compared to the bulky storage hot water unit
  • Instantaneous hot water heaters are usually installed outside of the home because of venting requirements which will incur a further cost to the installation process there are 2 common sizes of instantaneous hot water systems, the first is a 26 litre per minute hot water system and the second is a 32 litre per minute hot water system.
  • Gas hot water heaters have an energy efficiency star rating and have been know to be more cost effective than electrical hot water units
  • LPG (Liquid petroleum gas) bottles are an alternative to
    natural gas if there is no gas supply in the street, but they require regular changing of the lpg gas bottles.


  • A one – two person household /unit usually has a 50 litre – 80 litre hot water unit 
  • A three to four person household commonly needs a 250L-300L hot water tank
  • The electric hot water heater can be installed inside or outside of the home 
  • Electric instantaneous hot water heaters are also available for smaller applications
  • An electric system is usually cheaper to buy and install but more expensive to keep running


  • A four person household commonly needs about two solar
    panels for a collection area and a 300-360L tank.
  • If the panels can’t be installed in a fitting location, they may
    be less productive and you will need a larger collection area.
  • The shortage tank usually has a electric or gas booster
    component to keep the water hot on days with not enough
  • Solar hot water systems are more expensive initially, and
    more time consuming to install, but a good system will pay
    for itself in the long run because of the low costs to run it.

Electrical and Gas hot water heaters both have instantaneous hot water units or storage hot water units which one you will need depends on your hot water needs. Our highly experienced technicians will explain which is the best option for your hot water needs.

Hot Water Services We Offer:

  • Servicing
  • Replacements
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Upgrades

Why should you choose us compared to the next company?

Within half an hour, we could have an on-site quote written up if your heater needs replacing or upgrading. If you accept the quote, we would have your hot water heater replaced the same day. We understand the importance of having a nice hot shower at the end of the day and we make it our promise to you to make that happen.