5 Home Situations That Require the Services of a Pro Plumber

Pro Plumber

5 Home Situations That Require the Services of a Pro Plumber

Plumbing issues are common in older homes due to pipes and other plumbing equipment deterioration. DIY band-aid remedies aren’t always adequate to solve the problem. This is where plumbers come into play. It is preferable if you plan frequent plumbing inspections to avoid avoidable significant plumbing concerns.

Learn about the most common plumbing issues you’re likely to face in your home:

1. Blocked Drains

In the bathroom, the most typical reason for a clogged drain is a collection of hair paired with soap scum, whereas in the kitchen, it’s an accumulation of cooking fat and tiny bits of leftover food.

If left unchecked, all of these muck congeals in the pipes, forcing them to slow or even stop wastewater flow, resulting in a clogged drain. These drains are difficult to clean, especially the kitchen drain, and they become exceedingly nasty and unpleasant. Your clogged drain plumber will have the knowledge and the necessary instruments to clear this drain.

2. Blocked Toilet

The common reasons for blocked toilets are;

• The toilet bowl has been filled too much, causing the toilet to overflow,

• Long hair (pets & children) entering the toilet bowl, which then gets into the wastewater pipe,

• Small pieces of toilet paper entering the wastewater pipe, which, when combined with the long hair, causes a blockage. 

• Foreign objects, like toys, which can get into the wastewater pipe and cause blockages,

• High water pressure. 

Whatever the reason, blocked toilets are not only a pain but are unhealthy since you’ll never know when the sewage will overflow onto the bathroom floor. Plumbers have the equipment to unblock a toilet by either water jetting or clearing it manually. Never try to clear the toilet manually after all the water is drained; it may be a disastrous experience.

3. Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can occur due to freezing, high water pressure, or simply wear and tear. Water is a great conductor of heat, which means when you have a water pipe exposed to freezing temperatures, the freezing temperatures cause the water inside the pipe to expand, causing the pipe to burst. Plumbers have professional equipment to detect any possible faults or leaks. They also have the expertise to replace burst pipes or repair them.

4. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can be very annoying since they make an awful noise when water is running. This may allow the water to contact the electrical box causing the box to get wet. This can result in a shock or fire hazard.

5. Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is caused by a build-up of fat, grease or food in your wastewater pipes. This causes the wastewater to move slower and slower through the pipes. This then causes drainage pipes to overflow and need to be cleared.


Lastly, it would be best always to prioritise your plumbing problems. It’s better to prevent a problem than fix it. Call your plumber right away if you suspect that something is wrong with any of your plumbing devices. Don’t make plumbing a DIY project; your time and money will be wasted. Instead, have your plumber clean your drains or replace a bent or damaged pipe.

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