Adverse Health Impacts of Blocked Drainage At Home

blocked drainage

Adverse Health Impacts of Blocked Drainage At Home

It’s never-ending work to keep a home functioning and efficient. To guarantee that every feature of your home is as functional as possible, you must invest regularly. 

Unfortunately, most people are preoccupied with the obvious aspects of their lives, neglecting the invisible aspects such as plumbing and drainage. This is right until something goes wrong, and the damage is too great to bear before realising it.

Blocked drainage is one of the most serious problems to watch out for in your plumbing on Northern Beaches. 

Clogged drainage can have serious consequences not only for the efficiency of your home but also for the health of your family. It compromises the physical integrity of your home, renders it uninhabitable, and increases the expense of repair and maintenance.

Many factors can cause drain obstruction, such as: 

  • Debris and dirt
  • Mineral deposits
  • Particles of food
  • Roots of trees
  • Soap
  • Toilet paper accumulation

To spot the problem before it gets out of hand, you should inspect your drainage system or hire plumbers on Northern Beaches. Here are the negative consequences of clogged drainage on your home and health.

Health Hazards

Drains that are clogged can have various negative consequences for your health and the health of your loved ones. For starters, it promotes the growth of microorganisms, which causes allergies and disorders. The drain obstruction prevents water from moving, resulting in a flow back. 

At this point, you’ll observe slow water drainage in your sinks, and it may even remain stagnant. This water is contaminated with bacteria, and the longer you use the sink, the greater the risk of viruses and contamination.

Moreover, the bacteria can spread through your home’s water and air, exacerbating the problem. The contaminated water and air aggravate people with skin diseases like eczema and those who suffer from hay fever and asthma.

When tainted water sits in pipes for an extended period, it becomes a health risk. Legionella and other bacteria thrive in stagnant water, which can happen. 

Another common bacteria discovered in drainage systems is Helicobacter. You’re more likely to develop peptic ulcer lesions on the stomach lining when exposed to it.

Your children are more susceptible to these ailments, so it’s better to prevent them now rather than later when the harm has already been done.

Mould and Pests Are Drawn to It

Insects and pests thrive in damp environments. Mosquitoes, for example, thrive in stagnant water, so leaving clogged drains will provide them with an ideal setting. 

Mildew and mould thrive in wet environments like walls and floorboards. Water flow-back from clogged drains makes your property moist. Pests and mould pose health dangers and can cause structural damage to your property if not addressed promptly.

Unpleasant Smell

Clogged drains prevent water from flowing, causing it to build up in the pipes. The stagnant water exudes foul odours over time, rendering your home uninhabitable. Plus, there’s more. 

Once the trash and dirt have accumulated to a certain size, they prevent water from entering the pipes. Because the pipes dry up over time, there is no moisture to absorb odours from food and other wastes. Your home is filled with a horrible odour.

Aside from the obvious truth that no one likes foul smells, it can also give some individuals headaches, irritation, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Slow Drainage

The most visible and frustrating indicator of obstructed drainage is slow draining. It incompetently uses your home and wastes time, especially when you want to use the sink but have to wait long for the water to drain. 

Water is hardly moving through the pipes, causing drainage to be slower than usual. The water may even begin to flow back up, causing many previously described negative impacts of clogged drainage on your property and health, such as an unpleasant odour, wetness, and mould and bacteria growth.


Being vigilant about what you put into the sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and drain pipes is one of the simplest methods to lessen clogged drainage and its adverse effects on your home and health. Ascertain that only water enters the drain. You should also schedule drainage checks regularly. Although you can accomplish this independently, you should regularly consult for a northern beaches plumbing and thorough examination.

Call Northern Beaches plumbers for assistance if you’re having problems with clogged drains in your house. Hire Plumd in Plumbing’s specialists for the best results. To discover more about plumbing on Northern Beaches, give us a call.

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