Top 3 Signs of Clogged Drainage System for Your Toilet

Top 3 Signs of Clogged Toilet

Top 3 Signs of Clogged Drainage System for Your Toilet

Having a clogged toilet is already quite a hassle. But, having a clogged drainage line for your toilet is another issue that may pose more inconvenience. While a clogged drainage line seems unnoticeable for some, it can create a serious problem if left unnoticed. In this article, we will discuss the signs of a clogged drainage, so you can do something about it in case you’re experiencing it.  

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Sign #1: Multiple Drains Backing Up

Once you notice that your toilet, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower and bathtub are blocked, and the water level is always backing up, be wary because this is a sign that your sewer drains are clogged. If you do not address this issue right away, you may experience water buildup in the shower or tub, water backup in the sink and overflowing water in the toilet all at once. That is because the drain lines in your home are all connected to one sewer line. Once your sewer line is clogged, every area in your house that drains water may become affected. 

You should also watch out if you hear some gurgling sound coming from your shower or tub, vanity sink and toilet because this is a solid indication of something wrong with your drainage system. Moreover, if you smell a nasty sewage smell, it just means that the blockage of your drains has already gone really bad. 

Sign #2: Overflowing Water into Different Plumbing Fixtures

This sign is the most common, and once you’ve noticed this, you must act on it immediately; otherwise, there’s a higher chance that you will experience flooding inside your house. Overflowing of water into different fixtures is also caused by the main sewer line clog. It happens because the clog will make the water back up in the drain line until it finds somewhere else to come out.

Typically, you will notice the overflowing of water in the basement or first-floor water fixtures. If you want to double-check, you can do a test for some of the fixtures and appliances you have. Here are some of the easy tests you can try on some of your fixtures and appliances: 

  • In your bathroom sink, turn on the faucet. Once you see that the toilet water or tub water rises or bubbles up, then your drain is clogged. 
  • Try to flush your toilet and see if the water rises in the bowl, bubbles up in the sink, or anything unusual happens on other fixtures.
  • Try to turn on your dishwasher or washing machine and see if there are any overflows in other fixtures in your home.

Sign #3: Standing Wastewater in Your Sewer Cleanout

The sewer cleanout is part of your home’s plumbing system. It is a pipe with a removable plastic cap, wherein your plumber can access your sewer line. Once there is standing wastewater in your sewer cleanout, you can tell that your drainage is clogged because it’s not supposed to have standing water. 


Knowing these signs will help you prevent more inconveniences because you can address the issue right away. In case you’re currently experiencing any of these signs, you must call for a plumbing service so that they can fix whatever the problem is in your drainage system. Whether you have a clogged, broken or even damaged sewer or drainage system, a professional plumber can fix it, ensuring smooth water flow in any of your plumbing fixtures.

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