4 Tips for Checking If Your Toilet Flush Is Broken


4 Tips for Checking If Your Toilet Flush Is Broken

If you have a non-functioning toilet, none of the water continues to drain. That can result in a clogged toilet. Working parts in the toilet could be faulty, too. That could cause the toilet to not function properly. It is important to repair a non-functioning toilet before the next user needs to use it.

Here are some tips for checking whether your toilet flush is broken or not.

1) Check the Handle and Chain

The handle should be in the “down position” when flushing. It is the handle that lifts the flapper in the tank to allow the water to fill and drain. Inspect the chain or chain assembly. The chain connects the handle to the flapper. It is this chain that raises and lowers the flapper.

You should see these parts when you remove the tank cover. A chain or chain assembly that is too loose can easily stop the flapper from fully closing. That will cause water to spill over the top of the flapper.

2) Check If the Flapper Works

When you remove the tank cover, you should see the flapper. It is the rubber piece located in the mouth of the tank and has a hole in it. 

This hole is where the water drains through when you flush the toilet. The flapper is the only part that touches the water. The flapper is latched to the flapper seat with a chain. The flapper is attached to the flush handle with a chain. The chain and flapper should move freely.

3) Adjust the Overflow Tube

The overflow tube is located in the rim of the toilet. It should be just above the water line. This overflow tube is there to prevent the spillage of water.

It should start below the water-level line. This overflow tube is connected to the bottom of the tank. This tube will also be connected to a rubber flapper. This flapper is designed to prevent water from spilling over the tank.

4) Observe Whether the Tank Fills Up All the Way

When the flush handle is pulled, the tank should fill up and cover the overflow tube. A flapper that is not sealed properly will allow water to spill over the top of the flapper. That will cause the overflow tube to not cover the top of the flapper.

If there is water over the top of the overflow tube, the flapper is not sealing the tank properly.

What to Do If Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush

If your toilet flush is broken, you need to repair the problem immediately. There are several parts in the toilet that can cause the flush to stop working. You need to fix the problem before the next time that someone uses the toilet.

If the problem persists, then you will need a professional to take a better look at the toilet.


While a broken toilet flush is inconvenient, that doesn’t mean that it is an impossible problem to fix. There are many common problems in the toilet system. Those problems can cause the toilet to not flush.

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