These Are the Common Causes of Low Water Pressure at Home

Low Water Pressure

These Are the Common Causes of Low Water Pressure at Home

Low water pressure can be inconvenient and irritating, but it can also be costly if you don’t know the causes or who to call to fix low water pressure. So, here are the common causes of low water pressure that can easily be fixed and some tips on how to fix them.

Stuck Water Meter Valve

This is the easy fix if you’re not willing to call a plumber to get it fixed, and it can cost you as little as $10. The water meter valve should be located on the side of your house, where the main water line enters. The water meter valve is a simple shut off valve that’s easily turned with a wrench. To get it open, you’ll need an adjustable wrench to turn the handle counterclockwise to stop the flow of water. You might be hearing water running, but you’re receiving little or no water pressure.

No Pressure Regulator

If you’re getting enough water out of the faucets, but it’s low, then you might be dealing with a pressure regulator. If you have a pressure regulator, it should be located outside the house, around the main water line. If you don’t have one, then you want to install one because it will balance the water pressure in your home. A pressure regulator keeps your water pressure from fluctuating, which can cause a lot of stress on your plumbing and even cause water damage to your home.

Old Steel Water Pipes

When your water flow is limited to only a few fixtures, and you don’t have a pressure regulator in place, it could be that you have old steel pipes that need to be replaced. Check for a water line coming from your water meter, into your house, and into the main pipe. If it’s made from steel and is more than 50 years old, then the water isn’t getting through the pipe quickly. You can replace your old waterline with a new plastic pipe without having to replace all the plumbing and fixtures inside your home.

Bad Showerhead

If you’re having problems with your showerhead, then you could be dealing with low water pressure. This is because many showerheads have a flow restrictor on them to limit how much water you use in your daily showers. This limits how much water you use and saves you money over time. The flow restrictor can be removed from the showerhead, or you can replace the old showerhead with a new one that doesn’t have it.

Water Pressure Pumps

If you live in an area with low water pressure, you might need a water pressure pump. If you’re in a place that doesn’t have much access to water, you might have to install a water meter to get more access to water. Once you get access to more water, you can install a pump that will bring in more water. The water pressure pump can be installed on the main water line coming into your house, but it can work on just a few taps as well.


Water pressure is crucial for running any water-related appliances and fixtures, from your dishwasher to your washing machine. Low water pressure can cause a lot of damage to your plumbing, or it can even force you to use more energy. Don’t let low water pressure stop you from doing laundry or running the dishwasher; do these quick fixes and your plumbing will be functioning right again.

But if these quick fixes just don’t work anymore, it might be time to call in a plumber. Plumd in Plumbing is a well-known Balgowlah Heights plumber that can help you with your low water pressure. Contact us!

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