4 Causes of Leaking Taps and How to Fix Them Correctly

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4 Causes of Leaking Taps and How to Fix Them Correctly

A leaking tap isn’t an attractive sight to see. It’s something that homeowners should worry about as it causes an increase in the utility bills if they leave it unchecked. 

The goal is to identify where the problem comes from and solve it from there. But with many reasons to influence a leaking tap, which causes are most common, and how can homeowners solve them? Keep reading below to find out about them.

1. Cracked Pipes

Cracked pipes result from extreme water pressures or worn-out lines, especially for houses built a few decades ago. A damaged pipe is only a sign that it’s time to change some fixtures in the place to keep every part of it updated. Although it is a simple problem a call to a plumber near you may solve, most homeowners stay unaware of the problem until the tap breaks or leaks completely.

Therefore, you must do a yearly inspection or maintenance check to see if the pipes are still in good condition. It matters to focus on the exposed pipes, found indoors and outdoors, as they are more susceptible to breakage. Through the help of plumbing experts, your house stays low on the water bill without spending too much on pipe repairs or replacements.

2. Bad Installation

Bad installation happens when the plumber installing the fixture is inexperienced or the tap bought doesn’t fit the standards of the pipe it’s connected to. Although the plumber who worked on the house likely caused it, there is also a slight chance that the fixture was a bad one.

The best way to solve the problem is by buying a new tap. However, make sure that the unit you purchase this time is the kind that fits snuggly to the connections established. It would also help to ask a plumber that you trust the most to go over the project to ensure that the new tap wouldn’t go to waste.

3. Corroding Pipes

Materials constantly exposed to water catch on to corrosion faster. Water contains dissolved oxygen, the known culprit causing things to rust. Adding to that, the salts in the water may affect the presence of the water-born ions responsible for objects to corrode.

Besides keeping the pipes clean, you can prevent them from rusting by using a tap made out of plastic or other materials aside from metal to prevent a chemical reaction from occurring. It also helps to have an expert check the pH level of water and balance it between 6.5 and 8.5.

4. Mineral Deposit Buildup

Hard water refers to water composed of other minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Although it isn’t harmful for human consumption, water sources producing hard water may experience mineral build-up, causing blockage and weaker water pressure. 

Similar to cracked pipes, you can prevent the mineral build-up through proper maintenance in the tap itself as well as the pipes connected to it.


Leaky taps aren’t too significant at first. However, as the problem persists, they might lead to a cause of annoyance for most homeowners. Meanwhile, it can also pose risks to your health as excessive moisture can develop moulds. Therefore, more damp areas in the household will be ideal places for moulds to thrive.

Addressing the problem as soon as it arises should prevent things from worsening aside from a leaking tap. In effect, homeowners can save on repairs, replacement jobs, and utility bills, all by fixing a leaking tap immediately.

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