Can Snakes REALLY Get Into Your Home’s Toilet?

can snakes really get into your homes toilet

Can Snakes REALLY Get Into Your Home’s Toilet?

Are you one of the many people who think of different scenarios when seated on a toilet bowl while you do your business? You might have seen the news about snakes finding their way through the pipes, ending up in a toilet bowl. We know, it’s a scary thought, but what are the chances that one could end up in yours?

Snakes have very flexible bodies that they can slither their ways through sewers, pipes, and other tubes they can fit in. Yes, it is freaky, but it does happen!

How Do They Get Into the Toilet?

The first way a snake can get into a toilet is from the outside. If you have open windows or doors and there are snakes nearby, they can get inside your house and find their way into the toilet. This is true especially during the summer when snakes are on the prowl for water; therefore, that makes your toilet bowl just the right place to quench their thirst.

Another way they get into the toilet is through a sewer opening. What makes sewers an ideal place for snakes is that there are mice and rats here, and we all know they eat them for breakfast. That is also the reason they enter sewers—to feed.

How Often Does This Happen?

Before you check every sewer pipe and seal every window and door in your home, hold up. Snakes ending up in your toilet is very rare. In fact, it’s more common for snakes to end up in your backyard or other rooms of your house instead of the toilet.

You just need to be extra mindful of them in the summer because the heat makes them come out of their hiding spots more frequently. It is during this time when snakes will resort to houses for their needs.

What to Do When There’s a Snake in the Toilet

Don’t try to get rid of it on your own, or worse, kill it. What you need to do is call your local snake catcher to get rid of it without harming the animal. Moreover, best to have that bathroom door closed while you wait for the pro to arrive.

How to Prevent Snakes in Your Toilet

The first thing you need to do is make your home less attractive to snakes. Keep your doors and windows closed as much as possible, especially if you live in an area where snake sightings are often spotted.

Next, you need to have pest control to take care of any pest problem you have at home, especially mouse or rat infestation. A pest control company can effectively provide the right and safe rodent protection.

Finally, seal any openings and garage doors well. Look for areas where snakes can fit in easily and seal them.

You can prevent your home from a snake from getting into your toilet or your house! Nobody wants a snake in their home, so make sure you take these preventative measures.


Snakes in your toilet are uncommon, but they can still happen. By doing all the preventive measures we’ve mentioned, you can protect your home and bathroom from slithery surprises.

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