5 Reasons of Low Hot Water Pressure & How to Fix Them


5 Reasons of Low Hot Water Pressure & How to Fix Them

Suppose you just got home from a tiring day and you want to spend the evening soaking in a bathtub filled with hot water and essential oils. However, it seems like it’s going to take you the whole night just to fill the tub with water. It is at this moment you realize that your hot water system might have a problem inside because it has extremely low pressure. Such situations are common actually, and you should know more about your water system and find the possible reasons for this irritating inconvenience.

Below are potential causes of low hot water pressure and the solutions to them:

1. Sediment buildup

The first thing you can do to check if the hot water system has a problem is to compare it with your cold water system at home. If the cold water system’s pressure is normal, then your hot water system should have no problem. But the question is, have you had your water systems flushed by plumbers? If not, there might be sediment and scale buildup in the water filter, tank, or water pipes. Keep in mind that the buildup can be expected as the water tank ages, and it can cause more serious problems if you’re using tap water for cooking.

2. Blocked passageways

If you have been experiencing a low hot water pressure in your bathroom alone, then it can be an isolated problem. Check the other water passages in your home and if there is only one source that has low water pressure, then it should be given special attention. Usually, the water source with the lowest water pressure is the shower, as it can be blocked by dirt. So, be sure to clear the passageways to ensure smooth water flow.

3. Hidden water leaks

Having a water leak in your water system will likely cause you two problems at the same time: water wastage that you are still paying for and low hot water pressure. However, it’s an easy problem to confirm. Turn off all your water sources and check if the water meter is spinning. If yes, find the source of the leak and take the necessary steps to fix it right away.

4. Old tempering valve

The tempering valve controls the temperature of your water. But over time, it may also end up needing a replacement. If it has been a while, you might need to have your tempering valve checked if it already needs a replacement. In such cases, be sure to let the experts handle the replacement to ensure a smooth and successful job.

5. Incorrect installation

You have a bigger problem if the problem is in the whole system. Did you know that the low water pressure may be caused by mismatched pipe sizes and too much bend in the pipework? If you are in Northern Beaches, pipe relining experts are just around the corner to help ensure that you regain smooth flowing water pressure at home so that you can enjoy your showers!


Your hot water system may not always have a low pressure due to lack of water supply and other valid reasons. However, it can also be a sign that your water system is having a problem and it might be hurting the environment as well. Act now and check all of your water sources. See if you can spot any of the problems mentioned above from your water system at home and call an expert right away to detect and remedy the cause of the problem.

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