3 Common Signs of Water Leaks You Need to Watch Out For

3 signs for water leaks

3 Common Signs of Water Leaks You Need to Watch Out For

So, it’s that time of the month again where your bills are in, and you’re ready to sort things out just in time for payment. As you sift through papers and look at the numbers one by one, your mind’s probably going through a roll call that looks something like this: 

Electricity? Looks like it’s the same as last month (but it could be lower, though).

Cable? Yep, still the same.

Credit cards? Lower than last time, that’s for sure.

Once you’ve made your way through the majority of the pile, however, you’re eventually treated to one surprise—and not the good kind—your water bill is a lot higher than you expected. And while you’d like to blame a lot of things, like irresponsible usage or a calculation error, there’s one legitimate reason that you can pin the blame on: a hidden water leak.

Leaks and Bill Overflows

Here’s one thing that every Australian should know about a sudden surge in water bills: unless they’re caused by a mistake from the utility company, there’s a good chance that you have a water leak somewhere.

Over the years, pipe leaks have been credited with the status of being a top culprit for unusually high charges because they can let out water in a way that causes a home to use up five, six, or seven times its usual rate. 

Unfortunately, far too many homeowners fail to grasp the fact that their bills can end up skyrocketing because of a hole or crack. Many let the problem go on for far too long when it can be solved early on. 

What Are the Signs to Watch Out For?

The one thing you should understand about water leaks in your home is that it doesn’t take a certification or degree in plumbing to investigate. Determining whether your home is suffering from such a problem, in fact, all boils down to spotting these key signs and symptoms that you should watch out for: 

Sign #1: Ceiling Discolouration

One classical sign of leak problems in a home is the presence of discolouration in your home’s ceiling.

Generally, ceilings end up being discoloured when a water leak happens because of a continuous flow of water through the caulk between the bathroom tiles. This particular problem tends to stem from bathrooms where bathtubs are attached to the wall as they tend to be the largest holding points of water in a home.

Sign #2: Mold Growth

Another common indicator that a home is suffering from a water leak is the presence of mould growth.

When mould or mildew begins to appear on your baseboard, ceiling, or wall, the reason is usually that there’s a leaking pipe in the area. The presence of these growths can pose serious health risks for yourself and the others that live at home. It’s crucial to detect and address it as soon as possible by contacting an expert like Plumd In Plumbing to help you out!

Sign #3: Constantly-ticking Water Meters

Apart from physical signs of semi-deformities or defects in your home, another critical sign to watch out for when determining if you have a water leak or not is if your water meter is constantly ticking. 

Whenever your water meter begins to display unexpected spikes despite your water usage remaining constant, it is likely that you’re dealing with a leak. 

If you begin to see spikes in your meter, you’ll need to switch off your main water valve and then inspect the meter again whilst looking at its attached leak indicator. Once the triangular dial (or any other shaped dial) turns after you turn your main water valve off, it’s safe to conclude that you have a leak.


Although it may be quite frightening to see a sudden spike in your water bill, it’s important to remain vigilant for the sign of any leaks and act on them as soon as possible before matters get worse. By being mindful of the three key signs mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that your home’s potential plumbing problems are remedied in a timely manner! 

Plumd In Plumbing is a Balgowlah plumber that’s ready to help you take on water leaks with professional-quality work. Get in touch with us today to schedule a visit!

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