Don’t play with gas!


At Plumd in Plumbing, our skilled plumbers are trained to install gas lines and locate gas leaks to make repairs.

Gascan be extremely dangerous, so you need a qualified professional that has the required skills and knowledge in the safe usage of gas and the appropriate safety regulations.

Don’t risk a disaster!

Professional gas
services we offer:

  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas line installations
  • Gas repair
  • Running gas to your BBQ,
    heater and more

Gas leak detection:

  • Whatever your needs in terms of gas line installation or repair, be sure to have an expert to provide you safe and effective solutions.
  • Call Plumd in Plumbing for the fastest solution to your gas problems.
  • Our plumbers work with gas leak detection equipment and use their expertise to locate and corarect your leak as quickly as possible.
  • Remember, these services need to be professionally installed by a fully licensed technician. Our gas services will ensure the correct connections between the gas mains and pipes and the appliance itself. A disciplined maintenance schedule will help identify any risks, damage or repairs needed. This preventative action will prevent dangerous leaks before they occur and could even and prevent major damage to your property or individuals.

Gas line installations and Gas repair:

  • We also work providing gas lines, gas line installation and repairs.
  • We can install new gas lines and gas powered equipment.
  • If your equipment requires installation or maintenance, calling in a professional will not only ensure you are complying with the Home Building Act, but it will also save you money, ensuring you the benefits of gas without worrying about the dangers involved.
  • As qualified and licensed gas fitters, we also install gas appliances such as stoves, BBQ, heaters, pool, cooktop, in line with building codes and safety regulations.
  • Time is essential when it comes to gas, this is why we are a 24 hour emergency plumbing service. For all emergencies, contact our Northern Beaches Plumbing team and we will be on the scene as soon as possible, to make sure your family and business is safe.
  • Our team at Plumd in Plumbing are qualified, licensed and insured, offering reliable service for any installation, repairs or renovations comprising gas work. To start looking after your home or business and enjoying the benefits of gas, call us on 04269 483 191.